door lock repair

24/7 Home and Business Door Lock Repair and Rekey

Lost keys, broken or worn out locks that stick or won’t turn? Rather than replacing the entire door lock knob or handle, the quicker and more affordable option is to repair or rekey the existing lock. This can be done by removing and replacing the existing lock cylinder with a new one or just replacing the pins inside the lock cylinder.

Lock Cylinder Replacement

Technicians can remove the existing lock cylinder form the knob or handles and then replace it with a new cylinder. They can either make you new keys for the lock or set up the new cylinder pins to work with your existing keys.

Rekey Door Lock

Another option is rather than replacing the entire lock cylinder, technicians can remove the existing cylinder and then just replace the springs and pins within the cylinder so that it works like new. Again, the technician can either set up the repaired cylinder with new keys or rekey the cylinder to work with your existing keys.

Discount Car Keys of Knoxville technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency lockout services, locks repairs, installations or to make new replacement keys. Call now for either immediate service or to schedule an appointment.

file cabinet lock repair

Desk and File Cabinet Lock Repair and Drawer Replacement Keys

Do you have broken locks on your filing cabinets? Stuck desk and cabinet drawers with bent lock latches that prevent drawers from opening or closing? Lost the keys for your desk or storage cabinet drawer locks? Discount Car Keys mobile technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for file cabinet lock service, repair and replacement in Knoxville.

broken filing cabinet lock
Filing cabinet lock repair and installation.

Worn out or broken file cabinet lock?

We can open locked file cabinets and repair or replace your file cabinet lock. We can also rekey the lock and make you new or duplicate keys or we can replace the broken file cabinet lock with a new lock and new key.

Jammed file cabinet drawers?

File cabinet drawers can become jammed and difficult to open or close due to misalignment or bent locks latches. Discount Car Keys can service and repair your filing cabinet and desk drawers back into working order.

Lost filing cabinet key?

If you’ve lost or broken your filing cabinet keys or the if the keys and locks have become too worn out to work properly, we can make new or duplicate keys. We can also rekey the lock cylinder to work with existing keys.

Need to install a lock on existing filing cabinets?

If you have filing cabinets that don't have locks  there are a couple options available. Depending on the make, model and style of your file cabinets, we can either add drawer locks or we can add a cabinet bar that, when in place and locked, prevents cabinet drawers from being opened.

Do you have a stuck desk drawer?

Lost the keys to your desk drawer or have an old broken or worn out desk door lock? We can replace the lock on your metal or wooden desk drawers with new locks or rekey the existing drawer locks. We can also make you new or replacement drawer keys.